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  • ITIL&ISO 20000 over ISO 9001 in the IT area

    Why would a company ask for ISO 20000 accreditation over 9001 in the IT area?

  • Incident and problem tracking and recording

    Part of ISO & ITIL compliance & certification requirements include incident & problem tracking & recording. I know Service Now is ISO certified & Service Aide is ITIL certified. If working towards both ISO & ITIL, can I use either Service Now or Service Aide for both certifications instead of 2 tools? Also, do the tools we use to implement our SMS have to be themselves ISO & ITIL certified? In other words, if we, for instance, implement
    • Office 365
    • SharePoint
    • CRM
    • ERP
    • C#
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Windows
    • Ubuntu
    • SSRS
    • Power BI
    • Azure
    • IoT
    are all these ISO & ITIL certified, that we know of &, is it enough to google this for confirmation?
  • Copyright notice

    What is the copyright notice that is prohibited from being deleted?

  • ITIL/ISO 20000 Documenting IT devices

    Beyond business and IT Services, such as applications, like Office 365, custom implementation, do we need to document items such as:
    • Apple devices
    • Hardware
    • Firewall
    • Link Balancer
    • Management
    • Printer
    • Renewal
    • Router
    • SAN
    • Server
    • Switch
    • Wireless
    • Workstation
    • Inventory
    • Certificates
    • Phone Systems
    • Vendors
    • Vessels
    • Contacts
    • Data Links
    • Domains
    • File Shares
    • Locations
    • Licensing
    • LAN
    or not, please?   I further understand Appendix 1 Service Design Package to equate to functional specifications & Capacity management processes to equate to business requirements. Can you please confirm this?
  • Backout procedure

    What is a backout procedure?

  • Benefits of ITIL implementation

    In the case of a University what are the benefits of implementating ITIL, and could you provide me with some implementation model and what processes to implement?

    Initially I had proposed to start with 2 processes. Service Design (Catalog and Service Levels), and Service Operation (Incident and Problem Management)

  • Designing IM structure and processes

    We will be designing our IM structure and processes over the coming weeks/months, and was wondering if this should be represented within the service portfolio as an item in design/build? Or is it not a service as such so should be managedand communicated somewhere else?

  • Compliance checklist for ITIL

    I was wondering  if you guys have some sort of compliance checklist for all the itil 2011 processes in a form of a table for example.

    Basically is similar to what you have in the link below but in a document. 

  • IT Auditor Skills improvement

    Wanted to do career as an IT auditor. need your guidance over certification types and their wattage for securing the jobs as well as career grow as an IT auditor.

  • Differences between Event, incident and problem management

    Can you tell me the differences between the Event, incident, and problem management? Also what is the Role of Services desk and infrastructure operation center and what is the difference between them?

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