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  • ITSCM and BCM

    ITIL has IT Continuity Management for the management of technology interruptions, but there is also a process called Business Continuity Management that I do not know what framework or standard it belongs to, also my question is - if having IT Continuity Management would already be covering the process of Business Continuity Management.
  • Service Desk Manager

    I am about to be promoted to SD Manager. I have always been managing another team which is not related. Now I need to manage SD and I want to know what I should do to excel at it.
  • ITIL

    I have never heard the term ITIL, I've been reading. But I still have some doubts. How is ITIL developed? Is it a flow chart, is it a textual file? How to take it up?
  • IT Service Management implementation

    I want to know what the implementation of the IT Service Management System implies, what do I need to have?
  • SMS scope change

    So we have ISO 20000 certification, next year, for example, we have a renewal certificate audit, I would like to know if we wish to change the scope, what all things I need to perform, whom to inform, and how to do so, is there any particular approach. and so on."
  • ISO 20000 Tool

    i need to know some free software to implement ISO 20000, hope you can help me.
  • Service Desk user satisfaction survey

    I would like to make a query about what would be the points to be considered for a User Satisfaction Survey regarding the Help Desk.
  • Combining multiple roles

    I am trying to assess a situation where a single person is in charge of 3 processes, Major Incident, Problem and Change Management. Would you please give me some example of “risks” what may go wrong of combining all this roles?
  • Two incidents

    I would like to understand if there are two different IT issues from two different IT applications with a time gap on the same day and impacted a same business process, which application should be the primary CI and how many major incident ticket must be raised?
  • Service Owner

    The Service Owner which is stated in the Service Catalogue is the IT area that provides support for the mentioned service?
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