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  • Failed Change

    I want to ask about a failed Change. The activities were implemented properly but upon implementation, there were incidents stemming from the change. Will this merit an Incident Report submission, or are the actions plans taken, RCA should be covered by the Change PIR?
  • ISO 20000 Service Desk

    I  would like to have an idea about the transformation of digital service desk - I'm about to prepare a presentation about this subject, about Digital transformation Service desk, how can I do it? I work in XY company, ISO 9001 V 2015 and I'm a Service desk manager.

  • SMS Policy in Management Review

    How would I report (at my Management Review) "Adherence to and suitability of the SMS Policy and other policies relevant for the SMS".  Can you help me to understand that?
  • OLA vs Technical Service Catalog

    What is the difference between OLA and technical service catalog? can we just implement one of them? 

  • ISO 20000 benefits in building companies

    Please be so kind and explain possible benefits from ISO 20000 implementation in building companies?

  • ITIL - Change Management

    Who is responsible to prepare and provide inputs to PIR ?
    Is this Change initiator or Change Implementer or Change Manager?

  • ISO 20000 implementation process

    What will it cost, how many people will be needed for the implementation, and how long does it take from project kickoff to successfully passing the audit.

  • ISO 20000 implementation benefits

    How do I convince the IT Team that this is a good thing and stop them doing whatever they want without any controls?

  • ITIL & ISO 20000 Internal interactions

    How can I generate more interactions between the management that manages everything and the front line of the people who do the hard and difficult work?

  • ISO 20000-1 Tailor | Waiver

    Does the ISO 15288:2015 scope statement provide tailor/waiver flexibility for ISO 20000-1 certification | gap analysis process and artifact development. 

    I may assume there could be an audit requirement for process artifact (s) when a contract does not require that specific deliverable. The contract organization has mandatory guidelines for their systems, tools, staffing, certifications and what the contractor is required to develop and deliver. Thus, tailor |waiver?

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