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  • Opportunities and challenges of the application of standards

    Hi. I am looking for opportunities and challenges of the application of standards and framework and the role of the organization to the value creation.

  • Incident Priority Levels & Classes

    I want to know what does ITIL explicitly say about the no. of priority levels recommended for incident priority?

  • ISO 20000 vs ISO 9001

    We have 2 certifications: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000. One of my auditors said we may use ISO 9001:2015 that covers all processes in ITIL also, can you help us with that? I mean, is it similar, what should we do?

  • Service Management Plan in ISO20000-2018


    I'm currently working on the upgrade of ISO20000-2011 to -2018 within our organization. I'm not sure about the topics to be covered in the mandatory Service Management Plan.

    I appreciate any explanation.

  • Determining priority

    Should a customer have a say in determining the priority, or is it the help desk who must determine the priority?

  • BRM roles

    What are the BRM Roles and Responsibilities per ITIL?

  • ITIL&ISO 20000 over ISO 9001 in the IT area

    Why would a company ask for ISO 20000 accreditation over 9001 in the IT area?

  • Incident and problem tracking and recording

    Part of ISO & ITIL compliance & certification requirements include incident & problem tracking & recording. I know Service Now is ISO certified & Service Aide is ITIL certified. If working towards both ISO & ITIL, can I use either Service Now or Service Aide for both certifications instead of 2 tools? Also, do the tools we use to implement our SMS have to be themselves ISO & ITIL certified? In other words, if we, for instance, implement
    • Office 365
    • SharePoint
    • CRM
    • ERP
    • C#
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Windows
    • Ubuntu
    • SSRS
    • Power BI
    • Azure
    • IoT
    are all these ISO & ITIL certified, that we know of &, is it enough to google this for confirmation?
  • Copyright notice

    What is the copyright notice that is prohibited from being deleted?

  • ITIL/ISO 20000 Documenting IT devices

    Beyond business and IT Services, such as applications, like Office 365, custom implementation, do we need to document items such as:
    • Apple devices
    • Hardware
    • Firewall
    • Link Balancer
    • Management
    • Printer
    • Renewal
    • Router
    • SAN
    • Server
    • Switch
    • Wireless
    • Workstation
    • Inventory
    • Certificates
    • Phone Systems
    • Vendors
    • Vessels
    • Contacts
    • Data Links
    • Domains
    • File Shares
    • Locations
    • Licensing
    • LAN
    or not, please?   I further understand Appendix 1 Service Design Package to equate to functional specifications & Capacity management processes to equate to business requirements. Can you please confirm this?
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