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  • Incident Management template

    I have a question regarding the Incident Management Policy located here: https://advisera.com/20000academy/documentation/incident-management-policy/ is this policy based on Security Incidents or general IT Break / Fix incidents? I'm trying to find a template to cover the latter and almost everything i'm finding is for Security Incident Managements.
  • ITIL V1

    When was ITIL created?
  • Incidents that won't be fixed

    I have an ITIL question regarding low priority incidents that cannot or won't be fixed. How will they be closed? Do you normally use a specific resolution code for that? Like "No action taken"?
  • ISO 17024 online ISO 20000 Lead Auditor training

    What accredited (according to ISO17024 "General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons") online teaching program in ISO 20000 Lead Auditor would you recommend?
  • Incident and Service request priority

    Can you give me both incident and request examples in which urgency level is low despite impact level is high? I am confused because in my mind, if the impact level of an incident or request is high, the urgency level should be high as well. I know that it does not have to be, but I cannot find any good examples to clarify my thoughts.
  • Cancelled change

    If a change is cancelled without starting the activity, however by the time the change is cancelled the change window starts, will that be considered a failed change or an unsuccessful change?
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) and SOP

    I am creating the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to get the SME utilized in the Service Operation Management (SOM). Our main business is Telco industry in which our SOM division has 7 function whereas this function has its own SME. Some weak points that we have from our SME is lack of experience, knowledge gap and unawareness of monitoring utilities. Also, in some cases, the SME is unaware of project activities & update of product knowledge. Can you enlighten what things or procedure to be applied so that I can start writing the SOP document? Appreciate your response. Thank you.
  • Internal review

    Which template should be used as a standard one for the Process Owner to submit for Internal Review Process (i.e i mean internally by ITSM). Actually, I'm doing for the Recertification of ISO/IEC 20000: 2011 -1 so the template should have the past 3 years of KPI, trending on maturity & effectiveness of ITSM process.
  • ISO 20000 Risk register

    I have to create risk register as part of ISO20000. I already have ISO27001 risk register which I have to append. Till now I have done gap assessment. Does all the gaps identified becomes risk? Also do you have any excel which talks about risk if the particular clause is not implemented in an organization.
  • ISO 20000 scope

    I do have a challenge that I would like to ask you for an impartial and independent assessment. The company that I now work for would like to pursue the ISO 20K certification as well. The challenge is that this company does not provide any IT services to their external customers. The company is a contracting company that provides their customers with educated and certified IT labor. All of the IT services that are being provided are to support the internal business operations. Is there scope to pursue the ISO 20K certification?
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