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  • Service catalogue

    Should the IT Services Catalog include the backup services?
  • Emergency change

    Do you have any procedures about Emergency Changes? I mean, some document describes about criteria’s how to identify Emergency Changes. And life cycle of such a change.
  • ISO 20000 for internet data center

    Would you all recommend to certify an internet data center for ISO 20000? If so, what are the advantages?
  • ISO 20000-1:2018 certification schedule

    I have a question for you, my project is to get certified in ISO 20000: 2011 started in May of last year, and I have the document review (phase 1 of the certification) on April 22. However, I know that in September 2018 the new version "2018" came out. Will I have a problem if I am looking for the certification in the 2011 version? What do you think?
  • ISO 27001 and ITIL

    I am looking for a data security standard for our company to improve customer satisfaction. please help me to clear differences between ITIL V4 and ISO 27001 Standard.which one is the best for Information Security in my company.
  • Event Management

    I have some doubts with the Event Management process when defining the procedures . _. how could this be done at the time of its implementation.
  • ISO 27001 controls and ISO 20000

    ISO 27001 has 114 controls and in ISO 20000 how do I determine this?
  • Internal Auditor

    1. Would Just like to have an advise on ISO 20000 internal auditor courses of how useful they are?
  • Change authority

    Can you please explain me the actual difference between a Change control Board and a Change advisory Board
  • Change priority

    We had a change in the environment which was planned off hours. After the change the router was rebooted and did not come back online. We had a tech drive into the site to reboot the router, this was all done within the change window and outside production (no operational impact) hours. The client insists for a priority 2, does it qualify for a priority 2 if issue is rectified without production impact?
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