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  • CSF, KPI, metric

    Can you help me to clarify differences between CSF, KPI and metric by giving examples as well.
  • Supporting services

    Defining customers for core services is clear according to the part/firm that makes us the payment. But defining customers for supporting services is a bit confusing. Should we make that definition or does it not make any sense?
  • Survey and Incident closure

    Why does using Surveys to close tickets not a good idea and does this practice play against ITIL principles?
  • Service Catalog responsibilities

    We prepared a service catalogue including business and supporting services. While defining service owners for both, we have confused. Service owners of each supporting service is clear, they will be the managers from Service Providers' Operation Team but for the business services part we are not sure about the key person. For example, should service owner of a business service be a person/director from Service Providers' Operation Team or Service Providers' Sales Team? Is there a way to clarify this situation?
  • ITIL and cloud

    I would like to understand how it helps us to align all our processes as per the ITIL best practices within Cloud Operations.
  • List of documents - ISO 20000

    So when reviewing the checklist, I wanted to know what would i be referencing the ISO 20000 clause to? or what does that side mean?
  • Service Desk - RACI matrix

    Service Desk Manager - How to work with a RACI model for this job
  • Definición de OLA

    Requerimos realizar la deficion de OLAS , no hemos documentado un OLA anteriormente, razón por la que desconocemos el procedimiento correcto. Me gustaría saber como se implementa un OLA donde el servicio depende de un proyecto y un cronograma.
  • ISO 20000 and Demand Management/Service Portfolio Management

    Hello, I'm in the process of developing a Demand Mgt, and Service Portfolio Mgt. I've looked at the samples of the documentation you have on your website, and i couldn't find a process for it, like change, and incident for example. We are preparing for the new ISO 20000-1:2017.
  • ITIL certification

    Our company is certified to ISO, but needs to show how this certification conforms to ITIL requirements, and where there are gaps. We were interested in ITIL certification, but as I understand there is no formal ITIL certification in North America, and our ISO certificate is the best evidence of conformance
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