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  • ISO 20000 and Demand Management/Service Portfolio Management

    Hello, I'm in the process of developing a Demand Mgt, and Service Portfolio Mgt. I've looked at the samples of the documentation you have on your website, and i couldn't find a process for it, like change, and incident for example. We are preparing for the new ISO 20000-1:2017.
  • ITIL certification

    Our company is certified to ISO, but needs to show how this certification conforms to ITIL requirements, and where there are gaps. We were interested in ITIL certification, but as I understand there is no formal ITIL certification in North America, and our ISO certificate is the best evidence of conformance
  • Servicios y alcance de la ISO 20000

    1.- Recomendaciones para establecer el alcance de los servicios TI que serán certificados.
  • ISO 20000 Design and transition of new or changed services

    How to document and show evidence of new or modified services for existing services? Let me explain, we have only one service: "Desktop Service", the service itself exist before we began using ITIL, so, never was necessary to design it. We have a lot of process working, but, in terms of an audit process, how to evidence the "design" of the service?.
  • ISO 20000 implementation

    I need to drive an assessment of IT processes in one of our customers IT area, define As-IS, diagnose, define TO-BE, implementation road-map and finally support them in getting ISO 20000 certification. How can your toolkits help me?
  • ITIL and ISO 20000

    I was looking for a good map (matrix) showing the relationship of ISO 20000-1 clauses and requirements to ITIL v3 (2011). If you have one, is it available for public release or sale? Thanks.
  • Incident and workaround

    During the investigation of a complex Incident which affected a number of users,
  • Major Incident communication

    Could you please suggest me , while resolving the Incidents, how to convince the clients on bridge call, if they are suggesting alternatives and when the going gets tough
  • Customer complaint

    I am working in a company where we have implemented ISO 20000-1 long time back. however recently we had a finding regarding agreement of service complaint with customers. Can I get some information on how to fulfill this requirement, since we are a managed hosting provider.
  • ISO 20000 Lead Auditor

    Would you kindly assist, i would like to become an ISO 20000 lead auditor/assessor for now. Which certificate should i obtain?
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