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  • ISO 20000 Lead Auditor

    Would you kindly assist, i would like to become an ISO 20000 lead auditor/assessor for now. Which certificate should i obtain?
  • Categoración de Incidentes

    Como puedo hacer la clasificación de los reportes, el problema es que acá utilizamos una herramienta para el registro de las incidencias y solicitudes, que hay que definir la clasificación de los mismos en el momento de registrarlos, nos hemos planteado la duda de como definir esta clasificación, hasta cuantos niveles abrir esta clasificación, que nivel de detalle debe tener, por ej. hoy tenemos definido Equipamiento --xxx, Aplicacion --, Red --, como se debe hacer esta clasificación?
  • Documentation templates and ITIL version

    I just need to know if the documentation package and ITIL templates are based on the ITIL version 3 - 2011 or if it is in a previous one?
  • Starting ISO 20000 implementation

    If you have to guide a IT Client to prepare for obtain his ISO 20K certification, You must have to select a business service and apply the instrument for evaluate it? or you must have to evaluate ALL their business services in order to assess them for the Certification??
  • Change Management roles in small IT organization

    We have a small IT department. We follow ITIL guidelines. However, in our IT Change Management system we need to identify 4 roles (initiator, assessor, approver and change manager). We only have 3 people. Therefore under ITIL guidelines are we able to have one person occupy two roles, e.g. Initiator & assessor?
  • Incident vs. Service Request

    Hi, I need to discuss about the below scenario in Incident Management: If an end user have submitted Service request as an Incident or vise versa then what would be the best way to deal with these kind of situation. Also what should be the process
  • Capacity Plan, Availability Plan

    I want to know if you have a template document to build a Capacity and Availability Plan
  • ITIL Foundation certificate

    I am Keen to get ITIL Foundation Certified. How do I go about it?
  • Internal audit findings

    Looking for practical examples of what to look for when carrying out an internal audit?
  • Major Incident questions

    I am looking for question that need to be asked when there is a Major Incident. I need a specific question on how to drill down the incident to fix it ASAP
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