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  • Configuration Item

    what is a configuration item?
  • Financial Management

    What are two systems used to manage financial management processes and what resources are required for those system?
  • ITSM Implementation

    How do I begin implementation. What sort of training? Whats the required documentation and how can I pass the ISO Audit
  • Defects, problems and incidents

    can defect leads to problems or is it only incident that leads to problem in early life support
  • Major Incident Management process

    We have a MIM process, but it winds up having 30 people on the conference bridge with many conversations and makes it very difficult to document what is happening. Also on the call are mainly upper level IT Management that just sits on the call wanting to know what's going on. It's very efficient and time consuming. Any recommendations would be grateful.
  • Apply ITIL framework for an university.

    how we can manage an university with over 30,000 enrolled students?It has four campuses in several locations in New Zealand, i mean like is ITIL a suitable framework for use in a large central IT service? can we use ITIL methodology to manage big incidents and cope with changes based on Change Management and control financial management? could you tell me what benefits when we apply this ITIL methodology and what expects to gain from that? for example like can we apply risk and change and know
  • Documentation

    "I had a question, regarding the Document Control I have just been involved with the ISO team as a document custodian. I was wanting to understand what all needs to be in the document control section, like the Document owner / Document Author etc"
  • Problem Management KPI's

    Do you have information regarding ITIL problem management KPI? Let's say - how to measure the problems monthly
  • CAB and ITIL implementation

    Would a project roll out involve the CAB, also what would a procedure/process look like for a general project roll-out.
  • Educational path

    "I have done the ITIL foundation course, and have max experience in IT service delivery industries. so can u suggest me the best course for the career upgrade? which ISO certification I should go for?"
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