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  • Change evaluation

    how to evaluate the change control, standard matrix for changes.
  • ISO 20000 and ISO 9001

    I would like to ask for your help to find a table that shows the relationship between ISO 9001 & ISO 20000
  • Patching

    I have the ISO 2000 Toolkit but unable to find patch management. Any help if possible to locate this document?
  • Introducing an RfC

    1. There is one group saying that RFC should be introduced at the same time when idea to change something appears (e.g. business wants to change an application).
  • Document classification

    Question: For example in the process to prepare a company to be certificate on ISO 20000, how you classify the documentation that are not controlled by SGTI , but are in the same company. For example if I want to make a reference in my document from others departments the documents are external or I can make the referents with the same nomenclature that my company use?
  • Issue reporting to third party

    I would like to know who is responsible for issues reporting if the organization uses an external application for example UPS shipping app and UPS provides own support? End user or organization support desk/IT guy?
  • ITIL V3 vs. ITIL 2011

    What is difference between ITIL V3 and ITIL 2011 Foundation Certificates?
  • Emergency Change

    what are different types of emergency changes in ITIL & ISO 20000?
  • GAP Analysis

    I am doing an ICT Review and Gap Analysis for a client. I opted to use ITIL as a guideline. I am battling to understand the use of the ITIL Framework to determine exactly the following: 1) Customer-Facing Services 2) Supporting Technology 3) Performance of Processes"
  • Availability / Capacity / Incident / Problem ManagI received folement - relation

    Regarding Availability management process of ITIL. I would like to know what exactly we need to do in Availability management process ? How is it different from capacity , Incident and problem management . Just help me to understand in simple terms what we should do in availability management?
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