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  • Data Center - ISO 20000 certification

    We provide IT services to a group of customers. We have a Data Center. Can just our ITSM Group get Certified, or does the entire organization need to be Certified? Would a Data center have different requirements?
  • Incident and Service Request Management vs, Incident Management Toolkit

    "What different this product https://advisera.com/20000academy/documentation/incident-and-service-request-management-process/ with this product https://advisera.com/20000academy/itsm-incident-management-toolkit/ Basically i need toolkit for Service Desk, with Service Request and Incident, also any catalog/Category what scope area in Service Request and Incident"
  • Incident and Change Management in two separate SW tools?

    I wanted to get better understanding about incident and change management. How bad is to separate solution and processes? For example Incident and Service Requests register in on solution and for example changes or bugs for product in other software. How bad is it and what are the risks?
  • ITIL and billing SW

    I am searching about implement ITIL on billing service. I am in first step and I don't know what is the relation between ITIL standard and billing software I'm not professional.

    I am having a doubt when it come to OLA and SLA part (enduser -IT with their internal groups -vendor support ) * ex : lets say I have received a call regarding backup solution at 8:00 and as per my incident catalogue for P1 I have to respond to the end user within 30 Mins and resolve it within 2 Hrs, issue has been escalated from service desk to Systemadmin then Systemadmin tried for 30 Mins and he didn't solve it then he logged a ticket with the vendor to fix it . Where is the OLA and SLA here? Do you consider it between the vendor and Systemadmin as OLA or sla as it looks like internal team to the end user ( from end user perspective)?
  • SLA violation

    I have a specific question related to ISO 20000 when it comes to SLA resolution violation. I need to know what filter should i choose in any software based iso 20000 - created time , or due time. How do we calculate?
  • Release and deployment management

    I am looking for some help in ISO 20k For Release management. In Clause 9.5 Release management process, the expectation is to have release impact assessment report.
  • Defect vs. error

    From The Quality Manager
  • Duration of the ISO 20000 audit

    "Id like to know where can i find a tool that helps me to estimate the duration of an ISO 20000 audit... could you give me a clue?"
  • SLA and stakeholders

    What power does an SLA have for Stakeholders?
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