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  • Capacity Management GAP analysis

    We are looking to build out a capacity management group and I am looking for a document that will assist with conducting a gap analysis!
  • Incident Management implementation duration

    How I can calculate the duration of implementing IM in an organization. what factors should I have to consider
  • ISO/ITIL for startup

    How does it work when the business is a Startup? Can I still get ITIL and ISO accredited? And What will I need Resources wise in order to be Accredited?
  • Change Management and Configuration Management

    how can i create a plan of how configuration management processes and change management processes are linked with regards to a supermarket moving their systems to a data center?
  • Lack of resources for Change implementation

    If there are two changes need to implemented but there are lake of resources so what would be the next step. Please suggest
  • Change management vs. Release and Deployment management

    I want to know the difference between change management vs release management and what is the best flow chart for both and what are the interconnected things among them
  • ITIL for Network Management Station

    Is ITIL useful for Network Management Station or not?
  • Local vs. centralized Service Desk

    What are the pro's and con's of a local service desk versus centralized service desk?
  • PIR

    For change process, when I perform PIR for unsuccessful changes, what is the best way to track the recommended actions?
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