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  • SLA and stakeholders

    What power does an SLA have for Stakeholders?
  • Service Management objectives and quality objectives

    Is setting up a quality objective as per 9001:2015 and service management objective as per 20001:2011 every year a mandate as per standard. Because sometime as per scenario it is not possible, feasible, practical to chose a objective then prepare a plan to achieve them and chose next new objective. Running objective should be fine that needs to be monitored, maintained and improved if any pain area is found as service improvement plan. After all aim of both clause "Setting up a objective" and "service improvement plan" is same.
  • Performance management and Problem Management

    I want difference in Performance management and Problem Management?
  • Knowledgebase in ISO 20000

    Can I ask what is meant by ‘knowledgebase ‘ within ISO20000 and are there any recommendations on what software or systems to use or how they should be configured
  • Implementing ITIL/ISO 20000

    „Please give me some examples of projects in which ITIL/ 20000 is implemented“
  • Difference between problem ticket and major incident

    "i need to know the different between the problem ticket and the major incident
  • Where to start to implement ITIL

    We want to start implementing ITIL but we are getting troubles to build a clear plan that says where to start , I mean We have the notion of what ITIL is and what We have and don't have but We need a plan ( step by step, if possible) where we can see the whole picture and we can have clear when to start, what is next, etc.
  • NOC

    I will be needing your assistance in coming up with strategy for creating
  • Reactive Problem Management

    Can you please give real time example for reactive problem management?
  • Incident Management

    1. What are the challenges you have faced as a Critical Incident Manager? Quote with examples
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