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  • Incident Management

    1. What are the challenges you have faced as a Critical Incident Manager? Quote with examples
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 20000

    I work for a company dedicated to financial matters, and the IT department is the backbone for all transactions. The IT department is particularly interested in obtaining an ISO certification; however, not the rest of departments of the institution. We want know 1) if the ISO / IEC 20000 is the right certification for IT division or should we aim for the ISO 90001:2008; 2) if within the ISO /IEC 20000 we must certify in its entirety from part 1 to part 11. 3) Is the 20000 toolkit offered by your company includes all 20000 parts? and last does your company offers audit certification on ISO /IEC 20000? I contacted Bureau de Veritas but they do not offer this ISO 20000 certification or training.
  • Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and ROI

    How we can measurement customer satisfaction , employee satisfaction, and ROI for implementation of first phase ITIL framework (service desk) in BMI without any software ?
  • Proactive vs. reactive Problem Management process

    What is TAT, and please tell me difference between proactive and reactive problem management
  • GLPI tool

    Thank you for your advisory on free tools for ITSM topic. I see various free tools for ITSM on your article, but i didn't see GLPI, what about your view on GLPI?
  • ISO 20000 Certification Requirements

    Dear All, I will appreicate your help in this matter, I am looking forward to get ISO 20000 certifecation but before that I want to know what are the requierments such as certification training skills and experinces? thanks in advance,
  • ISO 20000 / ISO 27001 in pharmaceutical industry

    I am the IT person for a biotech company. I am attempting to implement ISO 20000-1 and 27000. QA is in charge of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. They only adhere to crc 1345. They are trying to take over the SMS and ISMS system and its implementation. They have no idea about IT. What are your suggestions? I think the IT Department and IT director should manage and implement this system not QA.
  • ISO 27013

    Hi, is there any available toolkit like your product for implementing integrated management system ISO 20000 and 27001 based on ISO27013 ?
  • Power management

    Need clarification on Facility Management, will that include power back up?
  • L1 and L2 support in financial industry

    Do you know in financial industry like banking what the L1 and l2 support does?
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