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  • ISO 27013

    Hi, is there any available toolkit like your product for implementing integrated management system ISO 20000 and 27001 based on ISO27013 ?
  • Power management

    Need clarification on Facility Management, will that include power back up?
  • L1 and L2 support in financial industry

    Do you know in financial industry like banking what the L1 and l2 support does?
  • ITIL certification

    Regarding ITIL v3 , is there any authorized body or agency to certify ITIL v3 implementation in a IT company apart from ISO 20000. This query regarding I myself is going to implement ITIL v3. Who is the authorized body or agency to authorize the ITIL v3 implementation.
  • ISO 20000 Foundation

    Is it worth to get an ISO20000 Foundation certification when I already have achieved ITIL v3 Foundation and also ITIL OSA?
  • Major Incident disadvantages

    Can you give me any disadvantages to major incident management. I have a job interview and they have asked for pros and cons, lots of advantages but not many disadvantages.... The only things I could get were that it is time consuming for the incident manager, high pressure/stress and one last thing that although the pro are that it high lights recurring issues to be dealt with by problem management it may not high light everything.
  • Change Initiator vs Change Implementer

    I need some clarity on the roles & responsibilities of Change Initiator vs Change Implementer. We have a change we would like to apply on our environment, but it seems our understanding of the ITIL Change Management process differ. So I need an ITIL Change Management expert help
  • Access Management process ownership

    "With which ITIL process does Access Management process ownership most closely align?"
  • Incident Management - setting up resolution time

    I want to fix resolution time in my incident process. I´ll use priority before defining time but I find difficulties to determine time for each priority. We work 8h, 5 days a week.
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    This is your most comprehensive source for information related to ITIL & ISO 20000. What can you do here? Look for ideas or find answers to your questions, chat with other colleagues, share your thoughts or success stories with others… or just hang out. So, dig in and start exploring!
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