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  • Asset management tool

    What is the best asset management tool?
  • Customer complaint

    I want more details regarding service complaint and the best way for handling it..
  • Failed change

    should we keep the same ticket to proceed with the next attempt of release or new ticket should be created? I know there are options but what is the best practice?
  • Standard change

    Trying to find some information on how to implement standard changes. That is how is the pre-approval of standard changes done. Who role is it to do the pre approval? What are the inputs and what is the process surrounding this?'
  • CAB and ECAB members

    Is it ok, if the same set of advisory members approve both emergency and normal change?
  • Proactive vs. reactive Problem Management

    I need to know how we can categorize the proactive problem and active?
  • Incident vs. problem management

    I just want to understand the difference between incidence and Problem Management?
  • Critical incident responsibility

    I have one query related to ITIL incident management. Supposed a Critical incident reported and as an Incident Manager we open a bridge call and we call all the technical team to join this. However, all of them confirmed that there is no issue at their end.
  • L1, L2, L3 activities

    Regarding L1, L2, L3 support's activities: Where can I find detailed information regarding the responsibilities for each of the levels? As this only covers incident management, there would also be different responsibilities pertaining to different services like problem management, knowledge mgmt etc
  • Cost of downtime

    how to calculate the cost of service downtime caused by incidents monthly
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