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  • Company only with manager/owner

    I am looking for information is ISO 45001 applicable for the company with only one manager/owner/. The company has business activities and they are done by the manager.

  • Management of diseases

    How can this new ISO 45001:2018 Standard be used for the management of diseases such as the current Corona Viruses in the workplace?

  • ISO 45001 procedures

    Explain procedure of iso 45001

  • ISO 45001 Clause 5

    How can I, as a beginner, implement  the ISO 45001 standards in the organization?
    Also, how do I go about on Clause 5: Leadership and Worker? Do I need to have any documentation to give to the leaders? If so, how do I format the document?

  • ISO 45001 and calibration of equipment

    Hi, kindly indicate in which clause will I find reference to the calibration of devices/equipment/instruments?
  • Integrating EMS into a Quality Management System

    My question is based on how to integrate the EMS into a quality management system already implemented ??

  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification process using Advisera Toolkits

    We have facilities in a couple different states int the United States and Canada. Which means we have different regulatory standards to meet (such as OSHA, Call OSHA, Canadian regs, etc). If I am trying to get ISO 14001 and 45001 certified, and get these requirements, any suggestions on how to go about this using your toolkits? 

  • ISO 45001 / Upgrade from OHSAS 18001 to ISO45001

    What are the mandatory documents that require to upgrade?

  • OHS documents, criteria and requirements

    I have few questions: 
    1. Can we change MR with their job designation or can we keep the same terminology? 
    2. I am working for a huge company dealing with many types of subcontractors and different kinds of external providers. Which document can we bring the OHS criteria? Contract agreement or in evaluation ( single format is used for all) or can we keep a separate annexure for selection criteria? 
    3. Risk assessment for contractual activities mandatory?

  • Management representative

    While transition to new standard should we remove the term MR and add their designation or still we can follow with MR?

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