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  • ISO 45001 resistance from company management and employees

    If you have a company you are attempting to get ISO Accreditation for and are experiencing severe resistance from the Supervisors, Leading Hands, Senior Workers and Workers - how do you navigate that to increase buy-in and conformance?

  • How to implement ISO 45001 in developing countries and small medium scale industries?

    How to implement in Malaysia and other developing countries esp small medium scale industries? They cut corners not investing in OSH.
  • ISO 45001 Future Changes

    What is your vision of the transformation of ISO in the next 5 years and how do you think it can make a revolutionary difference to be ISO compliant?

  • Potential risks and opportunities associated with a road construction firm

    What are the potential risks and opportunities associated with a road construction firm, in line with OHS?

  • ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 in welding and fabrication shops

    I will like to know sir what will be the practical application of ISO 45001 and 14001 in a welding and fabrication shop?
  • Performance Evaluation

    I am looking for more clarity on how to best conduct an M&E, the criteria against which an evaluation can be done and how results are analysed.

  • Management Review

    Is it required to have the doctor attend the management review?

  • ISO 45001 Audits in a Construction Company

    Which departments have to be audited for this standard in a construction company? How can I conduct an internal audit in a construction company?

  • ISO 45001 - Interdependencies in the components of an OHS system

    How we can analyse the nature of interdependencies in the components of an OHS system? For example, ISO 45001 clauses.
  • Driving factors and increased importance of OHS

    What are the driving factors in the context of the Organization, and the increased importance of OHS Business issues and risks?
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