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  • Compliance with ISO 45001

    Subject and explain what needs to be done/recorded to be in compliance with ISO 45001.

  • Requirements for ISO 45001 implementation

    Apart from having the full mandatory documents, what other requirements are needed for ISO 45001 implementation?

  • Replacing OHSAS 18001 by ISO 45001

    How I replace 18001 by 45001? Practically on the factory system and what procedures and processes and forms are added with 45001?

  • Clauses that mention continual improvement

    What are the 8 clauses that make mention of continual improvement?

  • ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements

    How can i incorporate the new requirements in ISO45001 into our existing OHSAS 18001 management system

  • Control of outsourced activities

    Which clause of ISO 45001 is applicable for control of outsourced activities?

  • ISO 45001 vs OHSAS 18001

    What is the most important diference between 18001 and 45001?

  • SWOT in HSE management systems

    We are implementing ISO45001 in our company. We need to know that SWOT needs to be considered only for the HSE management system or company?
  • Determination of OH&S objectives

    In an OH&S management system build on ISO 45001, generally, which SOP governs the determination of OH&S objectives and plans?

  • Context & Interested Parties External and internal issue UNDER 45001

    Please, I want the external and internal issues of the following:
    1 board of directors
    2 company guest
    3 immigration
    4 District Assemblies
    5 Employees
    6 Suppliers
    7 shareholders

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