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  • How to address the new standard requirement

    Could you please advise, how to address the new standard requirement of risk & opportunities on current risk assessment (OHSAS18001- Risk abasement)   

    How to implement in HIRA document?

  • Exclusion to 8.3

    Hi! sir good day, our organization is a Ship Management, can you help me how can I apply exclusion and boundaries to 8.3 for both 9001 and 45001 Thank you!
  • Does ISO 45001 cover electrical and fire or just medical?

    I need a response to my question regarding whether an ISO certification covers electrical and fire building code requirements or just medical concerns.  We are getting a piece of equipment from Europe and it is not NRTL certified unless ISO certification does that.
  • Trends in OH & S Performance

    I need to discuss about trends in OH & S Performance during management review and I am not sure where to begin from. 

  • Naming audits after upgrading to ISO 45001

    Last year client faced OHSAS 18001 1st surveillance audit. This year the client is upgrading to iso 45001. What should this year’s audit be called- 1) iso 45001 certification audit or 2) iso 45001 2nd surveillance audit?

  • Becoming an ISO 45001 Lead Auditor

    How to become good lead auditor?

  • ISO 45001 - identifying internal and external issues

    What is the role of the SWOT in identifying internal and external issues for the organization?
  • OHSAS 18001 vs ISO 45001

    Difference between OHSAS18001 and ISO45001

  • Assessing risks and opportunities

    How often do you recommend to assess the risks and opportunities?

  • OH&S Objectives

    How to track the realization of objectives? How to use KPI to measure objectives?

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