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  • Auditor Questions Allowed

    As an auditor, which questions can you ask on all clauses of ISO 45001?
  • Safety Practice in Mining Sector

    What is the universal best safety practice in the mining sector?
  • How to set safety objectives

    My question is, how can I outline the safety and health objectives in ISO 45001 in the new system?
  • Internal Context and Safety Management System

    How does internal context help with the safety management system?
  • Writing Emergency Management Guide

    What should we consider when writing an emergency management guide?
  • Risk Assessment in an Auto Repair Workplace

    What risk assessment method do you suggest for an Auto Repair workplace?
  • OH&S hazard identification address the hazards identified

    The main concern that I have with OH&S hazard identification is the potential for overwhelming the ability to address the hazards identified. In other words, if we were to generate a list of identified hazards that’s 800 items long, the typical process I would use to then prioritize that list would be an FMEA approach. At that point, we would address the hazards on a risk-based approach, with the high and significant risk items being at the top of the list. Would you have any suggestions for those of us that are good at this process above, but have run into situations where the ROI or big/easy methodologies are not enough justification for certain capital investments to address the more elaborate engineering or substitutive mitigation efforts?
  • How to be on top of OH&S

    How can I be on top of OH&S in my organization?
  • ISO 45001 in a virtual or hybrid work environment

    How could ISO 45001 be applied in a virtual or hybrid working environment?
  • How to address the new standard requirement

    Could you please advise, how to address the new standard requirement of risk & opportunities on current risk assessment (OHSAS18001- Risk abasement)   

    How to implement in HIRA document?

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