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  • ISO 45001: Support, Operation and Performance

    I need help on SUPPORT, OPERATIONAL CONTROL, and PERFORMANCE EVALUATION under ISO 45001:2018 MANUAL Preparation, please.

  • ISO 45001: Processes vs Procedures

    How does one draw up processes? Does procedure form part of the process, or is procedure drawn up from process?

  • Mandatory documents in ISO 45001

    I am confused about the non mandatory documents i.e. the procedures, when I checked some of clauses that you referred to as non mandatory I found the word "Shall" in the requirement in some of clauses you classified as non mandatory. Moreover, I am interesting to know how to structure such documents for example (responsibilities and authorities within OHSMS)
  • ISO 45001: Root cause analysis for C/A

    What will give me a lead in determining the root cause in closing an NC?
  • ISO 45001: Dealing with risk

    Our existing HIRA practice we are identify risk of asset, environment and reputation of company image in addition with personal risk. Now, our Auditor is asked to changed the HIRA process and only capture personal based risk while migrate to 45001. Please advise me and give me relevant clause.
  • ISO 45001: Worker involvement in improvement

    Please provide a short explanation to question 9 of standard clause 5.4. Which requirement is behind it?
  • ISo 45001 Clause 4.1 & 4.2

    Can you describe internal and external topics and equate ISO 45001 with the needs and expectations of interested parties?
  • ISO 45001 Documentation Logistics

    1. How I can manage the ISO 45001 documentation?
  • ISO 45001 to OHSAS 18001 table

    When they publish new standards, they normally include a table, at the end, showing the old clauses and the corresponding new ones in the new standard. Did they do that when 45001 was published?
  • ISO 45001: Procurement and contractors

    I am looking for more info on ISO45001 Sect: 8.1.4. to use in a presentation to management. In particular, I am looking for more information on requirements for Procurement and contractors to use in a presentation to Management on ISO45001.
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