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  • ISO45001 Documented information and main changes

    1.What are the mandatory documented information (Documents, Documented Procedures & Records) to be maintained and retained for ISO 45001?
  • ISO 45001 Hazards and opportunities

    In ISO 45001, there is clause "Hazard identification and assessment of risks and opportunities", I want to ask about opportunities. Does this mean that hazard could become opportunity?
  • Documenting authorities in ISO 45001

    How do I explain to a senior person on the need to have names of senior persons for the responsibilities area under document control?
  • Legal requirements in ISO 45001

    1. Please give me the reference for the frequency of drinking water test in any law
  • Opportunities in ISO 45001

    Could you give me more information about Opportunities with Example of Best Practices?
  • Clause 5 of ISO 45001:2018

    Please I want an in-depth explanation on Clause 5 of ISO 45001
  • ISO 45001 Gap Analysis Tool

    I have worked on implementing AS9100 and ISO 9001 in my past and I was able to use an excel checklist of sorts that took the standard and turned the elements into questions that you could check off whether you had or not and list how you met that element. Are you able to provide something of this nature? The breaking down of the standard into questions made it easy for the others not versed in ISO speak to contribute.
  • What does ISO 45001 add to SAMTRAC

    1. I have Samtrac and busy with Safety Management in my final year. I wish to be a Health and Safety Consultant, how will IS0 45001 help me?
  • ISO 45001 Risk and opportunity process

    How do you develop the opportunity and risk then how to assess them according. Is there any particular method?
  • ISO45001 Context of the organization

    could you give me example about external context organization like culture, economic, politic, social related with the OHS
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