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  • ISO 45001: How to get started

    I have stage 1 of the ISO 45001 audit coming up, so I’ve got to get going! What would be the best advice to address before the date?
  • ISO 45001: A brief history

    I need a history of ISO 45001 since OHSAS 18001 till publication the new standard ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 45001 implementation and integration

    For Training and consultation of OHS, I need your advice on how to implementation IMS for the first time. What steps to the implementation?
  • ISO 45001 integration with ISO 9001

    We have been an ISO 9001 certified group of companies since 2007 and recently upgraded to ISO9001:2015. In view that we are a contractor for government road construction, upgrading and maintenance works, we are now required to include the ISO18001. Understanding that the ISO18001 is being replaced by the ISO45001
  • ISO 45001 Interested parties, Scope and the OHSMS

    I want to implement ISO 45001 within my organization, and have come up with a filing checklist, but I am stuck to develop Clause 4.3, clause 4.2, clause 4.4 as well, can you assist in this regard?
  • ISO 45001 Objectives and interested parties

    1) Please explain the acronym S.M.A.R.T
  • ISO 45001 - Resources needed to implement

    Our parent company wants our facility to be certified to ISO 45001 & OHSAS 18001. With only 2 of us, we cannot see how this can happen.
  • Annex SL applicable to system documentation?

    My doubt is, is the Annex SL structure is applicable to the System Procedures or not?
  • ISO 45001 Measurement requirements

    This is my specific topic of my assignment. I'm taking Diploma in OSHA. This subject is Occupational Safety and Health Management System II. The topic is "Write on the monitoring and measurement processes against the OSH policy objectives legal and other requirement."
  • ISO 45001 alignment with typical HSMS

    Could you please assist me with how ISO 45001 align with typical HSMS?
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