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  • ISO 45001 Design Process Requirements

    I wish to know if there is a specific requirement in iso 45001for the design process (industrial company).
  • Targets in ISO 45001

    Kindly help me to put together targets on OHSAS with reference to Clause 4.1 (Context of the organization)
  • Becoming an expert in ISO 45001

    I'm a young safety and health professional, and will like to be an expert on ISO 45001 in teaching organisation and helping them to implement it, how do l go about this please?
  • Opportunities in ISO45001

    1. What is other opportunities in risk and other opportunities (ISO 45001)?
  • Internal Audit in ISO 45001

    Which are the most suitable schemes for the elaboration of an audit plan applying the ISO 45001 standard?
  • Safety Data Sheets in ISO 45001

    Where are safety data sheets referenced in 45001?
  • Understanding internal & external issues

    Please give me an in-depth explanation on identifying internal and external issues that affect the organisation?
  • Integrating management system context

    1. Following the publishing of different ISO standards(ISO 9001:2018 , 14001:2018 & 45001) having similar structure (HLS) if for instance you have implemented ISO 9001:2018 and after some time you wish to implement either ISO 14001 or ISO 45001, having previously described the context of the Organization when implementing ISO 9001 ,can one pick the context of the organization word for word and still be compliant when implementing either ISO 14001 or ISO 45001?
  • What will happen to OHSAS 18001?

    As per my little information that ISO is an organization different than OHSAS, where OHSAS is a British standard, and ISO isn't. So, my question is, after a certain period of time OHSAS will not be valid any more, and transferring from OHSAS to ISO 45001 is mandatory? Which means that we will not hear from OHSAS any more, or there’s a merge happened between both organizations?
  • OHS Objectives in ISO 45001

    Our organization shares annually OH&S targets for recordable and lost time rates. Are there any prohibitions from a location using these as targets, while including site specific plans for achieving these cascaded targets? Like reviewing all risk assessments or reducing the number of slip, trip incidents as specific actions the site feels relevant to achieve
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