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  • Communication process for OHSAS 18001

    How can Top Management bridge the communication gap that currently exists between itself and other members of staff? In a typical business environment that is? Would it be through email communication, memos, etc
  • Health and Safety certification

    1) Is the OSHAS 18001 good enough for my employer company to get a Health and Safety certification. If NO, what others should I supplement ?
  • Implementing OHSAS 18001 or waiting for ISO 45001

    I am curious what your thoughts are whether it is worth investing time and expense to implement 18001 or wait for 45001 for facilities in the USA?
  • OH&S training for employees

    My workplace wishes to implement OHSAS 18001 training, I need to find out what would be a good budget for training a staff of 864 persons.
  • Integrating OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

    I was just wondering how to integrate OHSAS 18001 with ISO14001 system.
  • Reaching objectives and targets in OHSAS 18001

    I need to know how to comply (steps) TO REACH OBJECTIVES AND TARGETS and I need an example of a Management Review Meeting please.
  • Effectiveness of the corrective actions

    How we can verify of effectiveness of corrective action?
  • Documents for ISO 45001 implementation

    I want to know the related documents that used in implementation of ISO 45001
  • When employee is unfit for fork

    In our organization (Port) , we do provide regular Medical Check-ups for all Employee, whereas, when we find an employee unfit for the job, what are all the follow-up steps that we can do? unless than sending the employee to home, is there any possible ways to make him continue in job?
  • Prioritizing hazards

    After conducting a risk assessment, how would one prioritize the needs for controls for hazards identified?
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