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  • Including opportunities in ISO 14001 register

    I have the environmental aspect and impact register with control measures in places however I have been asked to include opportunities, please can I get an example of opportunities?
  • ISO 14001 and Fire response

    Hello i was wondering what 14001 had to do with Fire Response procedures? Thanks
  • Setting corporate objectives and target for a large organization which has several departments

    How to identify corporate risks and opportunities and developing programs to address the same?"

  • Audit program

    Im trying to create an audit program for iso 14001 , its a university project  .

  • ISO 14001 Clause 4.2

    I am struggling with what to put under section 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties.

    I have been asked to do a list of suppliers etc. but the bit I'm not exactly certain on is what I put under the needs and expectations.

  • ISO 14001 legal cadastre

    How can you set up the legal cadastre?

  • ISO 14001 methods

    What is an efficient method of determining significant environmental aspects and how legal requirements would be used in this method? 

  • ISO 14001 benefits

    How do I convince my company that ISO 14001 is good business?

  • Environmental aspects/impact criteria

    List the criteria used to evaluate the environmental aspects /impact.

  • Nature of impact

    What is meant by nature of impact?

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