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  • ISO 14001 requirements

    We're already ISO 9001 certified and we have procedures in place for waste management, HR... need to know what is required to be ISO 14001 certified?

  • ISO 14001 sample selection and audit planning

    What questions to ask management when planning the audit? What system to use to select a sample or anyone can just select a sample he/she thinks is right, the reason I ask this question is that I work for a small audit company where we have no system to select system.

  • EMS, OHS, Quality and Food Safety Management System Integration

    How to Integrate EMS, OHS, Quality, and Food Safety Management systems?
    We are currently certified on ISO 22000 Food Safety.
    Our organization is a chicken processing plant abattoir; from live bird to Chicken portions in different product mix ( 500 g,1,2,3, and 5 kgs products). 

  • Environmental objectives when working from home

    What are the best environmental objectives for a software development company in COVID times, with everybody working from home?

  • Verifying stage 1 audit

    Please, can you give me alongside which of the clauses of ISO 14001:2015 and the documents you have to verify in the stage 1 audit?

  • Frequency or Environmental Legal audits as per ISO 14001 standard

    How often should a company conduct a legal environmental audit? what does the standard say about this?

  • ISO 14001 Examples of providing a strategy for determining the scope of an EMS

    "Can I have examples of providing a strategy for determining the scope of an EMS for the toy manufacture company, which have branches, factories, sales agencies in different countries" 

  • Annual Internal audit schedule

    EMS Management Representative or designate will publish and maintain an annual Internal Audit schedule based on the requirements of the current revision of ISO 14001- Please explain.

  • Difficulties in implementing ISO 14001

    What are the difficulties to implement the standard?

  • ISO 14001 Mandatory documents for finance and marketing company

    I would like to ask if a finance & marketing company would like to apply to 14001 what should be the mandatory documents for it? Yes, I checked the Checklist of Mandatory Documentation Required by ISO 14001:2015. But I don't know how to proceed because it is a company of services.

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