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  • EMS, OHS, Quality and Food Safety Management System Integration

    How to Integrate EMS, OHS, Quality, and Food Safety Management systems?
    We are currently certified on ISO 22000 Food Safety.
    Our organization is a chicken processing plant abattoir; from live bird to Chicken portions in different product mix ( 500 g,1,2,3, and 5 kgs products). 

  • Environmental objectives when working from home

    What are the best environmental objectives for a software development company in COVID times, with everybody working from home?

  • Verifying stage 1 audit

    Please, can you give me alongside which of the clauses of ISO 14001:2015 and the documents you have to verify in the stage 1 audit?

  • Frequency or Environmental Legal audits as per ISO 14001 standard

    How often should a company conduct a legal environmental audit? what does the standard say about this?

  • ISO 14001 Examples of providing a strategy for determining the scope of an EMS

    "Can I have examples of providing a strategy for determining the scope of an EMS for the toy manufacture company, which have branches, factories, sales agencies in different countries" 

  • Annual Internal audit schedule

    EMS Management Representative or designate will publish and maintain an annual Internal Audit schedule based on the requirements of the current revision of ISO 14001- Please explain.

  • Difficulties in implementing ISO 14001

    What are the difficulties to implement the standard?

  • ISO 14001 Mandatory documents for finance and marketing company

    I would like to ask if a finance & marketing company would like to apply to 14001 what should be the mandatory documents for it? Yes, I checked the Checklist of Mandatory Documentation Required by ISO 14001:2015. But I don't know how to proceed because it is a company of services.

  • ISO 14001 action plan for each objective

    In terms of clause 6.2.2 planning actions to achieve objectives, is mandatory to have a document detailing the action plan for each objective? The current situation, the objectives, and targets are documented but nothing to show what actions are being done towards achieving the objectives targets. 

  • ISO 14001 EMS Internal Audit

    Please help I am conducting an internal audit in my organization and would like to know how to structure relevant questions per clause. It is the first time I do the audit, so I need help with what questions to ask for clauses 4 to 10 for an Automotive Manufacturing Company.

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