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  • Comprometiendo la alta Dirección a cumplir con los requisitos de una Norma de Calidad

    Como comprometer a la alta Dirección y líderes de la de la Organización a involucrarse a cumplir con los requisitos de una Norma de Calidad?

  • ISO 14001 Internal Audit

    What do internal auditors audit to be in compliance with ISO 14001?

  • ISO 14001 Examples of Life Cycle Persepctive Analysis

    Give me a couple of examples of a life cycle perspective analysis (from start to finish)

  • ISO 14001 Question

    l would like to know how that standard can be applied to the laboratory in terms of risk assessment

  • ISO 14001 Question

    How can the operations in the Petroleum production and processing facilities be improved upon for the good of environment and other stakeholders in Nigerian Niger Delta region?

  • ISO 14001 Processes that need to be covered

    Are processes need to be covered in 14001? We are already 9001 certified, but some processes what we think are not important so far as Environment is concerned.

  • ISO 14001 Measuring Effectiveness with KPIs

    What would be the best KPIs to measure the effectiveness of ISO 14001?

  • ISO 14001 The Difference between Procedure and Induction Documents

    What is the difference between procedure and induction documents? Also, is the induction document a requirement of ISO 14001:2015 documents or not?

  • ISO 14001 Defining Minor and Major CARs

    I am looking for the definition of minor and major CARs

  • ISO 14001 minimum requirement

    What is the minimum requirement for ISO 14001 when I am a small consulting business? 

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