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  • ISO 14001 benefits

    Can you give me some real examples of how an organisation benefited from implementing ISO14001?

  • Soil Testing

    Can you please advise that soil testing is mandatory or not for ISO 14001?


  • Corrective Action Request

    During site inspection, our safety officer noted that a forklift is obstructing the exit door. The immediate action done was to remove the MHE and the next action was he put signage as a reminder. However, during the recent internal audit, a non-conformity was raised because we failed to issue a corrective action request for the incident citing EMS clause 10.2 as reference. Question is - is it necessary to issue a CAR when corrective action was done immediately and conducted a re-orientation for persons using the equipment? Do we have to issue CAR every time a hazard is observed?


  • Environmental risk analysis

    How are environmental risk analysis tackled?

  • Objective targets for mining industries

    Can you give me some examples of objective targets and programs regarding mining industries?

  • Comprometiendo la alta Dirección a cumplir con los requisitos de una Norma de Calidad

    Como comprometer a la alta Dirección y líderes de la de la Organización a involucrarse a cumplir con los requisitos de una Norma de Calidad?

  • ISO 14001 Internal Audit

    What do internal auditors audit to be in compliance with ISO 14001?

  • ISO 14001 Examples of Life Cycle Persepctive Analysis

    Give me a couple of examples of a life cycle perspective analysis (from start to finish)

  • ISO 14001 Question

    l would like to know how that standard can be applied to the laboratory in terms of risk assessment

  • ISO 14001 Question

    How can the operations in the Petroleum production and processing facilities be improved upon for the good of environment and other stakeholders in Nigerian Niger Delta region?

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