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  • Environmental performance report

    I need Elements and evaluation mechanisms for an environmental performance report.

  • ISO 14001 in Human Resources

    What are the environmental aspects and impacts in Human Resources?

  • Questions to ask during ISO 14001 audit

    I want to Audit HR Department (Personnel), Procurement, Purchasing, Tender divisions, I'm confused about what questions to be asked for them. Kindly help me with clauses.

  • Auditor certification requirements in ISO 14001

    Does the Standard require auditors to be certified as internal auditors to the ISO 14001 Standard? If so where is that requirement found in the Standard?

  • Directive legislation and rules in EMS

    I have to write an environmental management system (different legislation and rules). The issue is I did not understand what they mean by (different legislation and rules), so I need a brief explanation regarding the issue.

  • Implementacion de SGA

    ¿Cuales son los pasos a seguir para la implementar un SGA ?

  • ISO 14001 and COVID-19 emergency

    How is the COVID-19 emergency managed by the ISO 14001 system, or better, must it be managed in the system documentation if you provide documents?

  • ISO 14001 disadvantages

    May you explain to the disadvantages of ISO14001?

  • Aspects vs hazards

    Hi I would like understand differences of aspects and hazards

  • ISO 14001 clauses and corresponding documents

    I am struggling a bit to marry the ISO14001 clauses to the various documentation. I also need to know how to create folders on my PC

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