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  • ISO 14001 - Environmental objectives section

    I am familiar with most documents except for an environmental objectives section - is this not the aspect section?

  • Significant aspects of ISO 14001

    How would you rate significant aspects?

  • Diagrama de tortuga

    Como defino mis procesos para la elaboración de diagramas de tortuga?
  • ISO 14001 Aspect and Impact analysis process

    I want to know about the aspect and impact analysis process of a Pharmaceutical company, the main key function of a corporate office.

  • ISO 14001 Clause 6.1.1 & 6.1.2

    As per ISO 14001:2015, Clause 6,1.1. and 6.1.2, is it mandatory to carry out an environmental risk assessment and environmental aspects and impacts assessments as well as maintain its individual register required? Also, kindly differentiate environmental risk and environmental impacts?  
  • ISO 14001 compliance in local municipality

    I'm in the process of drafting a research proposal for a PHD on the following topic:

    Developing an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System for my local municipality.

    Therefore, I'm looking for sources that can assist me with the development of such a model. I would welcome any assistance from you or any referral to someone who can help me in this regard. The thing is that it's a bit challenging to get somebody to assist before you are enrolled at a university- yet the requirement for enrollment is a reasonable draft proposal.

  • Emergency situation vs Incident

    How I can separate emergency situation and incident?

  • ISO 14001 Performing Audits

    Please I need guidance on auditing with Iso 14001.
    What are the likely questions I can ask

  • ISO 14001 Standard Requirement Clause

    I would like to know if the standard requirement clause is required on the Internal Audit Plan?
    If it is then which clause tells me that?

  • Duration of ISO 14001 implementation

    Implementing ISO 14001, is it a very long process?

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