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  • Política ambiental en la ISO 14001

    La parte de política ambiental en la ISO 14001 es distinta que en la ISO 9001?

  • Understanding ISO 14001

    As a beginner of engaging ISO 14001, where to start in understanding ISO 14001? Is there any foundation / reference to cope up or to master the new environment in ISO 14001?

  • ISO Environment

    Can you explain more about the ISO environment?
  • Keeping track of data on context of organization

    how to keep track of data of context of organization?
  • Environmental areas tracking and economic impact

    How would you decide what environmental areas to track and make the most economic impact?

  • Organizational context question

    What is the correlation about organization context&need and expectations with environmental aspect? It is mandatory to synchronize? If yes, how to synchronize it?
    And how about risk&opporrunity? What is the difference with the environmental aspect? Does a risk n opportunity have to assessed (quantitative)? What is the correlation with env. aspects?

  • Individual or global aspect register

    Do individual sites require individual aspect and impact registers or is one global register acceptable?

  • ISO 14001 questions

    Could you help me with the following questions:

    1. If I want to implement ISO 14001, how many % I need to have in legal requirements?
    2. Every single environmental aspect shall determine if can control or can influence?
  • Risks and opportunities vs environmental aspects

    How is the identification of risk and opportunities related or different to the identification of environmental aspects?

  • Sustainable implementation

    How medium scale construction firms can implement ISO 14001 in a sustainable way and yet break even financially.

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