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  • ISO Environment

    Can you explain more about the ISO environment?
  • Keeping track of data on context of organization

    how to keep track of data of context of organization?
  • Environmental areas tracking and economic impact

    How would you decide what environmental areas to track and make the most economic impact?

  • Organizational context question

    What is the correlation about organization context&need and expectations with environmental aspect? It is mandatory to synchronize? If yes, how to synchronize it?
    And how about risk&opporrunity? What is the difference with the environmental aspect? Does a risk n opportunity have to assessed (quantitative)? What is the correlation with env. aspects?

  • Individual or global aspect register

    Do individual sites require individual aspect and impact registers or is one global register acceptable?

  • ISO 14001 questions

    Could you help me with the following questions:

    1. If I want to implement ISO 14001, how many % I need to have in legal requirements?
    2. Every single environmental aspect shall determine if can control or can influence?
  • Risks and opportunities vs environmental aspects

    How is the identification of risk and opportunities related or different to the identification of environmental aspects?

  • Sustainable implementation

    How medium scale construction firms can implement ISO 14001 in a sustainable way and yet break even financially.

  • Internal and external issues in a recycling company

    What is mean by internal and external issues, interested parties and their expectation can u provide me an example? Actually, I am working in a recycling company so can you provide me some pictures for me to more understand the phase.

  • ISO 14001 certification at corporate level

    We are contemplating certifying our EMS at the corporate level. Is that possible? We have some individual facilities that have ISO 14001 certifications, but we want to certify our enterprise EMS.

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