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  • Choosing certification

    We are going to do the export business of SPC flooring, but we are not sure which certifications need to be prepared first. Can you give me some suggestions? For example, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Russia, etc. Can you give me some suggestions?

  • Competence, Training & Awareness

    We are an engineering consulting company and our services include mainly the design & supervision of engineering projects and now preparing for getting the ISO14001. I have a question for you about the clause of Competence, Training & Awareness. Are the competencies and knowledge required for including eco-friendly design solutions part of this clause requirements?

  • Corrective action and communication logs

    Our surveillance (annual) audit is due in August. In reviewing my certification audit, I am not sure if we continue documents like the corrective action and the communication log from last year's date. Do we start a new one? Thank you so much!

  • ISO 14001 questions

    What is a record versus a template vs a document? What makes a document controlled? What is the policy (template, record, document)? What is the log? Do the logs start with new dates every year?

  • EMS and Environmental Compliance Software

    EMS and Environmental Compliance Software - how to integrate?

  • Interested party

    Explain in your own words what is meant in the context of ISO 14001 by the term “interested party”.

  • ISO 14001 Internal Audit

    List two topics that you would focus on when evaluating an “internal audit” during an ISO 14001 certification audit.

  • ISO 14001 Noise management plan

    Sir can you provide me limitation for a noise management plan

  • ISO 14001 Categorizing entities

    We would like to have a suggestion as to categorize the entities listed below. What is the guidance suggested in ISO 14004?

  • Importance of documentation aspect

    Why is the documentation aspect of ISO 14001 more important than the functional aspect?

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