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  • Performance evaluation and pollution control

    With reference to the performance evaluation the point to consider in pollution control

  • Identification of environmental aspects vs Environmental risks & Opportunities

    What's is the difference between Identification of environmental aspects and Environmental risks & Opportunities? I request you to give an example for better understanding

  • Effectiveness of the EMS

    How to test the effectiveness of the environmental management system within the context of the transportation industry?

  • Framework and performance

    Is the ISO 14001 framework designed to improve performance? Could you explain how?

  • ISO 14001 objectives for mining business

    I need to understand that how can the ISO 14000 objectives can help the mining business to achieve environmental goals?

  • ISO 14001 and recording opportunities

    My question was more related to the actual justification on whether I record both risk but specially whether I also must record opportunities (positives)

  • Quality control in engineering

    I'm looking for: How engineering organizations make use of quality control systems, and the activities employed to check the quality of a product or service?

  • Examples of environmental objectives for the painting department

    Can I get examples of how to set environmental objectives for the painting department? Also, what are the differences between objective, goal, and target?

  • How to conduct an internal audit

    1. Is there a specific way of conducting an internal audit? 
    2. I am planning to conduct an internal audit for our organization and I wonder if the process is similar to how an external auditor would an audit? 
    3. Are there any tips or templates I could use for an internal audit? 
    4. How can I record corrective actions for an internal audit? And especially when there is so much to be done? 
  • Relevance of EMS to communities

    How is EMS under ISO 14001 relevant to communities?

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