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  • ISO 14001 benefits for mining companies

    Discuss any three (3) benefits that the mining companies stand to gain by implementing EMS in their organisation.

  • Environmental Management system benefits

    What are the benefit the mining companies stand to gain by implementing Environmental Management system in their organization

  • ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor OR Lead Auditor Training?

    I am hesitating between taking the ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor exam or Lead Auditor exam. What does the lead auditor exam consist of? As someone who has no practical experience in EMS but who knows theoretically the standard, what are my chances of success in the lead auditor exam? 

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act model stages and purpose

    EMS in BS EN ISO 14001:2015 is founded on the concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act model.
    what is the purpose of each of these stages and what does this model ultimately intends to achieve.

  • Environmental aspects and impacts

    I need help to formulate the environmental aspects of the flooding, earthquake. For all the emergency situation as an environmental aspects I wrote "waste generation" and for the environmental impacts "pollution of the sol, water, pollution with waste, influence of the flora and fauna". For the fire another environmental aspects is "heat generation"
    For the fire as aspect I wrote "water consummation" and for the environmental impacts "resource consumption" and "gas emission" with impact "air pollution". Am I right? Do I miss something? 

  • Nonconformity detection process

    May I know, when implementing ISO 14001, how can I implement an in-process nonconformity detection process?

  • Environmental performance report

    I need Elements and evaluation mechanisms for an environmental performance report.

  • ISO 14001 in Human Resources

    What are the environmental aspects and impacts in Human Resources?

  • Questions to ask during ISO 14001 audit

    I want to Audit HR Department (Personnel), Procurement, Purchasing, Tender divisions, I'm confused about what questions to be asked for them. Kindly help me with clauses.

  • Auditor certification requirements in ISO 14001

    Does the Standard require auditors to be certified as internal auditors to the ISO 14001 Standard? If so where is that requirement found in the Standard?

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