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  • OCP Control Method

    What is OCP Control Method in EMS 14001 in shop floor

  • Significant Aspect

    Is it actually in the standard that any aspect/impact that has a legal requirement, the aspect is automatically significant?

  • ISO 14001 and engaging an external consultant

    Is it a requirement of ISO, that you need to engage an external consultant to help you develop and implement a management system if you are going for a certification audit? 

  • ISO 14001 number of electronic copies

    How many electronic copy's do you need to keep of the Environmental Management System (EMS) I have been told either right or wrong, that I need to keep a Master Copy and also a Working Copy. that I am not to use the master copy and only use the electronic working copy? 
    this does not make sense to me as if there is to be a change or review you would need to update both copies? what do you think, what is the right electronic process?

  • ISO 14001 Clause

    I need your wisdom in the best interpretation of  We have a list of compliance obligations and we are being asked to evaluate its effectiveness.  Initially, we said it’s 100% effective since all permits/licenses we have are all valid.  Is this how should the evaluation be based on the standard? 

  • Compliance with multiple standards

    Is it mandatory for a company to comply with all standards rather than a single one?

    We are BRC, IFS, HALAL and Sedex certified. But I wanna know either we have to apply for ISO certification or not necessary?

  • Role of Top Management

    I would like you to show me the role of top management in establishing and implementing an environmental management system.

  • ISO 14001 certification cost and duration

    I would like to enquire about the cost of getting my company ISO accredited; how long will it take and what is required from a business point of view. 

  • Environmental risk assessment in a garments factory

    I want to know how to conduct Environment risk Assessment for a garments factory.

  • Análisis de riesgos para el Sistema de Gestión Ambiental

    "Estimada, deseo conocer cómo podemos realizar el análisis de riesgos para el Sistema Gestión Ambiental" 

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