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  • ISO 14001 implementation benefits

    How does certification to ISO 14001 helps in the following.: 
    A. Management decision taking in a company? 
    B. Relationship between the company and the community? 
    C. The Environmental aspect of the company? 
    D. Social security of the company. 
    E. Economic aspect of the company.

  • Monitoring and measuring environmental processes and activities

    How to monitor and measure environmental processes and activities

  • Questions to ask a lead auditor

    Questions to ask as a lead auditor when auditing top management

  • Welfare of employees and the public

    Why is that company is need to think of the welfare of the employees and the public?

  • Employees transportation as an environmental aspect in ISO 14001

    Should employees transportation to work be considered as an Environmental aspect in ISO 14001 knowing that the company's core business is telecom service and the company doesn't provide transportation to their employees nor carpooling?  

  • ISO 14001 going global

    What qualification is best to have to be able to go global?

  • Certifying body exercising

    almost all establishement, manufacturing companies were ISO 14001 certified,beside auditing and recertification what else does the certifying body exercising that the program were fully monitored and implemented

  • ISO 14001 in an educational institution

    What are the external and internal issues, the interested parties and their interests associated with an educational institution in the context of ISO 14001?

  • Environmental impact assessment methodologies for ISO 14001:2015

    Can I get the methodologies for an environmental impact assessment for ISO 14001:2015?

  • Pre-implementation stage

    What is the main difficulty to face in the pre-implementation stage?

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