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  • Role of Top Management

    I would like you to show me the role of top management in establishing and implementing an environmental management system.

  • ISO 14001 certification cost and duration

    I would like to enquire about the cost of getting my company ISO accredited; how long will it take and what is required from a business point of view. 

  • Environmental risk assessment in a garments factory

    I want to know how to conduct Environment risk Assessment for a garments factory.

  • Análisis de riesgos para el Sistema de Gestión Ambiental

    "Estimada, deseo conocer cómo podemos realizar el análisis de riesgos para el Sistema Gestión Ambiental" 

  • ISO 14001 cost and benefits

    cost effective and advantages?

  • ISO 14001 Cost, benefits, purpose and intention

    1. What are the Cost and benefits of ISO 14000 adoption and implementation? 
    2. Describe the purpose and the intention of the ISO 14000 program? 

  • ISO 14001 examples of environmental aspects

    Can you please give examples of environmental aspects?

  • ISO 14001 Efective internal auditor notes

    How to make an effective Internal Auditor Notes easy to understand and make the report?

  • Evaluation criteria for environmental aspects

    I would ask him about recommendations for evaluation criteria for environmental aspects...struggling to get criteria that I believe is easy to use and apply to different types of aspects.

  • timing of implementation of the Environmental Management System

    Is there a minimum period in which the Environmental Management System must be in force to obtain ISO14001 certification? thank you

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