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  • ISO 14001 action plan for each objective

    In terms of clause 6.2.2 planning actions to achieve objectives, is mandatory to have a document detailing the action plan for each objective? The current situation, the objectives, and targets are documented but nothing to show what actions are being done towards achieving the objectives targets. 

  • ISO 14001 EMS Internal Audit

    Please help I am conducting an internal audit in my organization and would like to know how to structure relevant questions per clause. It is the first time I do the audit, so I need help with what questions to ask for clauses 4 to 10 for an Automotive Manufacturing Company.

  • E-waste management

    I am looking for some documents or articles that based on how e-waste impacts ISO 14001, also I would like to know, what kind of achievements have been succeeded so far in e-waste management?
  • ISO 14001 Significant aspects

    Which method is used to determine the significant aspects?

  • ISO 14001 environment objectives

    What environment objectives can we decide and how? 

  • Environmental criteria/groups that hydroelectric power projects can face

    What are the specific environmental criteria/groups (physical and biochemical) that have risk factors that hydroelectric power projects can face?

  • Addressing management, staff and practical issues within ISO 14001

    Can you outline some of the management, staff and practical issues that should be addressed during the introduction of Environmental (Green) Management System?

  • ISO 14001 lineamiemtos precisos para establecer en una empresa minera

    Los lineamiemtos más precisos para establecer en una empresa minera?

  • ISO 14001 Risk assessment example

    I need your help to understand risk assessment for environment standards by explaining an example.
  • ISO 14001 objectives for consultants

    How do we work out relevant objectives when we are consultants who produce little in the way of carbon footprints?

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