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  • Amount of non-conformances that an auditor issue after an audit

    Is there a ''rule of tumb'' for the amount of non-conformances that an auditor issue after an audit? For example, during audit 10 non-conformances were identified, can the auditor  issue five non-conformances and leave out the rest.
  • Consequences and Costs of not abiding waste management

    What are the details of the possible consequences and cost implications of employers and employees not abiding by legislation and regulations with regard to waste management?

  • Management Representative role choice

    Does the management rep have to be a full-time employee of the company? Or can a 1099 or temporary employee fulfill the role?
  • Including opportunities in ISO 14001 register

    I have the environmental aspect and impact register with control measures in places however I have been asked to include opportunities, please can I get an example of opportunities?
  • ISO 14001 and Fire response

    Hello i was wondering what 14001 had to do with Fire Response procedures? Thanks
  • Setting corporate objectives and target for a large organization which has several departments

    How to identify corporate risks and opportunities and developing programs to address the same?"

  • Audit program

    Im trying to create an audit program for iso 14001 , its a university project  .

  • ISO 14001 Clause 4.2

    I am struggling with what to put under section 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties.

    I have been asked to do a list of suppliers etc. but the bit I'm not exactly certain on is what I put under the needs and expectations.

  • ISO 14001 legal cadastre

    How can you set up the legal cadastre?

  • ISO 14001 methods

    What is an efficient method of determining significant environmental aspects and how legal requirements would be used in this method? 

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