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BCP Plans and procedures

Guest user Created:   Feb 18, 2021 Last commented:   Feb 18, 2021

BCP Plans and procedures


I have completed the phases below:
- RA

I'm now doing the phase (BC Plans and procedures);
- Crisis and communication management - DONE
- BC plans and procedures - on going for a document model conception

I need help to write the model, that I can use for all structures of our organization.

Thank you so much for your help

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Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.


Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.

Rhand Leal Feb 18, 2021

By the phases you mentioned, I´m assuming you are looking for documents for a Business Continuity Management System.

Considering that, to see how a BCP and related procedures compliant with ISO 22301 looks like, I suggest you take a look at these template demos:
- Business Continuity Plan https://advisera.com/27001academy/documentation/business-continuity-plan/
- Incident Response Plan https://advisera.com/27001academy/documentation/incident-response-plan/
- Transportation Plan https://advisera.com/27001academy/documentation/transportation-plan/
- Disaster Recovery Plan https://advisera.com/27001academy/documentation/disaster-recovery-plan/
- Activity Recovery Plan https://advisera.com/27001academy/documentation/activity-recovery-plan/

To make sure you are in the right implementation path, I suggest you to take a look at this article:
- 17 steps for implementing ISO 22301 https://advisera.com/27001academy/knowledgebase/17-steps-for-implementing-iso-22301/22301/iso-22301/

To see how documents complaint with ISO 22301 looks like, please take a look at the free demo of our ISO 223001 documentation toolkit: https://advisera.com/27001academy/iso22301-documentation-toolkit/

These articles will provide you a further explanation about ISO 22301 and how to develop e BCP and related procedures:
- What is ISO 22301 https://advisera.com/27001academy/what-is-iso-22301/
- Business continuity plan: How to structure it according to ISO 22301 https://advisera.com/27001academy/knowledgebase/business-continuity-plan-how-to-structure-it-according-to-iso-22301/
- How to write business continuity plans? https://advisera.com/27001academy/blog/2010/04/08/how-to-write-business-continuity-plans/

These materials will also help you regarding ISO 22301:

- Writing a business continuity plan according to ISO 22301 [free webinar on demand] https://advisera.com/27001academy/webinar/writing-a-business-continuity-plan-according-to-iso-22301-free-webinar-on-demand/
- Book Becoming Resilient: The Definitive Guide to ISO 22301 Implementation https://advisera.com/books/becoming-resilient-the-definitive-guide-to-iso-22301-implementation/

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Feb 17, 2021

Feb 18, 2021

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