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Changing calibration frequency

Guest user Created:   Sep 29, 2021 Last commented:   Sep 30, 2021

Changing calibration frequency

I have a question regarding changing the calibration frequency of my field test instrument.

In the process of obtaining ISO 17025 I came to realise the external supplier I used to calibrate our field test instruments were not accurate enough which in turn was making my uncertainty of measurement for temperature calibration too high.

Due to this I have used another external supplier to carry out the field test instrument calibrations and the results have come back much better.  Due to this finding I need to build up a calibration history quickly to help with my measurement uncertainty calculations, so instead of having my calibrators calibrated every 3 months I now have changed it to monthly, and will continue to do this for the next 4 months after which time I will change the calibration frequency back to 3 monthly.

How best do I document these findings and changes using your 17025 toolkit paperwork to show the auditors what I have done.  Your help would be appreciated.

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Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.


Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.

Tracey Evans Sep 30, 2021

A Calibration record is used to record the Calibration Dates. This is available as part of the Advisera ISO 17025 Toolkit as 08.3_Appendix_3_Calibration_Record. Then you should record the decision in your Registry of Key Risks and Opportunities, provided as part of the Advisera ISO 17025 Toolkit as 05.1_Appendix_1_Registry_of_Key_Risks_and_Opportunities.

One risk I suggest you consider is financial risk of such a frequent calibration interval. I do not know what type of field testing you do, however you refer to temperature. It seems unnecessary to have such a frequent calibration of a thermometer or thermocouple device (depending on factors such as handling / stability), as typically for a testing laboratory you will calculate you MU based on the most recent calibration certificate for equipment used. Then you include your method imprecision during repeated use of the device in the field.

For more information see:
The answer to a question on calibration intervals, Re-calibration time at https://community.advisera.com/topic/re-calibration-time/, which includes links to resources.
The ISO 17025 document template Equipment and Calibration Procedure available at https://advisera.com/17025academy/documentation/equipment-and-calibration-procedure/

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Sep 29, 2021

Sep 30, 2021

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