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  • Appendix_1_Risk_Assessment_Table - vs. - A.8.1_Inventory_of_Assets

    I have a question regarding asset list/inventory. We are creating the list of assets for the Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment process. Once that list is complete and we come up with threats and vulnerabilities for each, is there any need for a separate list of assets as in A.8.1 Inventory of Assets?

    I know that you have stated that "assets are not only the information in electronic and paper form, but also software, hardware, services, people, facilities, and everything else that provides value to an organization.", so I have a question on that as well:

    Our company is using a consulting group that has an online tool for managing all records and policies, but it seems to define assets stictly as devices. Also, risks are listed separately and are linked only to "category type" not to a specific detail asset.


  • Filling asset inventory

    You told me that listing the consequences inside the Asset Inventory comes out of the Risk Assessment Table and isn’t mandatory (but best practice). So far I totally got it and it makes more sense as the comment says before. But here is the thing: If I take the asset "top management" for example, I have for one asset different consequences inside the Risk Assessment Table, cause I have more than one vulnerability and threat. One asset with two different consequence-levels. The Asset Inventory consists of the asset „top management“ but needs just one consequence-level, right(?) Or shall I put both consequence-levels for one asset inside the Asset Inventory?