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  • Defining and documenting authorities

    I need to define and document authorities in regards to yes/no and accept/reject scenarios. My plan is to create an organizational chart, and also to update all job descriptions to include their immediate supervisor. Is that adequate, or do I need to create a flowchart for each process, showing who has authority at each stage? 

  • Do people working in departments excluded from scope have to be trained for QMS?

    I have a question regarding how to decide if a person needs to be trained in various parts of a QMS set up for 13485:2016 compliance. People processing medical device have to be trained. But what about a person for example in marketing, who has nothing to do with any part of the work affecting product quality. Do people working in departments excluded from the scope of the QMS (for example finance, legal, marketing) have to be trained in various procedures contained in the quality manual?