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  • Starting with the documentation

    Can you please advise on the best way to get started? Is it to just start filling out the project plan and then go from there?
  • GDPR compliance for possible new start up business

    I need to find out if I can legally start up a trade only database which will hold the names and addresses of individuals?
  • GDPR Article 27

    GDPR Article 27 Representatives of controllers or processors not established in the Union. I looked through the list of documents in the GDPR toolkit we purchased and nothing is jumping out at me as to what document I utilize to document our Article 27 requirements… can you point me in the right direction?
  • Lead generation service

    We use a lead generation service, who collect data of hot leads and send them to us. Would we be required to issue our privacy notice to the data subject when they have agreed to have their details sent to us or should the fact that the details are sent to us be in the privacy notice of the lead generators?
  • Consent under the EU GDPR

    I have a doubt regarding Marketing activities and my database of clients. I have the consent under the DPA and the PERC. So that, not complaint with GDPR rules in many cases. Will be valid the solution of informing properly to my clients and then including and opt out option, or do I have to reconsent? In that case I will lost my portfolio of clients? Can you give me some advice or guideline on how do I have to approach this task to marketing departments?
  • Integrity, responsibility and security of the data systems

    What tools do you recommend to implement to guarantee the integrity , responsibility and security of the data systems ?
  • Notice in local language

    As a global company should we design a notice in local language of all our data subjects?
  • GDPR principle

    Is it designed to address the GDPR principle of data protection by design and default?
  • EU GDPR in charities

    How would you implement GDPR in charities?
  • Risk Assessments and GDPR

    Need to know how to do Risk Assessments efficiently and effectively based on GDPR?
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