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  • Assistance with the toolkit

    I have bought the EU GDPR Website toolkit and would need some help to go through it.

    Anyway, I am now working at the Privacy Policy, and here are my questions. I hope you can answer them.

    1) In the Privacy Policy template, I have found it difficult to understand the following side notes. Could you, please, explain in simple words?
    You state there are 3 ways to use the Privacy Policy/Privacy notes.
    First of all, it would be good to understand what you mean with Privacy Notices. Are they those numbered sections that I can see in the Privacy Policy template?

    And to make things easier, could you, please, let me know which of the three options I should choose, based on my situation?

    I live and work in the UK but with my website I aim to offer my services to the entire world.
    I already have made a Privacy Policy, which I have published on my website, but I need to review it to be sure it is compliant (that's why I also bought this toolkit). However, since my website will be accessed from any part of the world, I would need to comply with CCPA and the other privacy legislations too.

    2) Instead of having a dedicated page to the Cookie Policy and linking to it from the Privacy Policy, can I just include it in the Privacy Policy?

    3) Once ready, can I simply link to my website Privacy Policy from a Google survey I have created, rather than writing a new, specific Privacy Policy for that purpose?
    Similarly, should I place this link in all the emails I send to my leads and clients?

    4) In the Privacy Policy side notes you wrote: "If you do not have a Data Protection Officer, you can specify another person who is in charge of personal data protection." Since I am self-employed (not a company), so I am on my own and using my name there, too, would not look very professional, would it be fine if instead of writing my name there I just use the more generic "us"? The context makes the visitor understand that "us" refers to the name+surname written at the beginning of the Privacy Policy. Similarly at 1c: "You can contact us" instead of "You can contact our Data Protection Officer".

    5) Under section 2 (Processing of Personal Data during Your Use of Our Website), could you please explain the following terms in simple words?
    - access control
    - segregation of duties
    - internal audit
    Also, is encryption to be listed here if I only have a SSL certificate? (I do not know whether there are other ways to do encryption.

    6) What should I write in "Confidentiality level" at the top right corner of the Privacy Policy?
    And am I supposed to keep the footer, including the version number of the privacy policy and the license agreement for the template?

    7) I have Wordpress. Can you confirm that it is GDPR compliant? And, if so, is there a way to know which cookies WordPress sets without plugins installed?
    I have read that it sets cookies to allow visitors comments, posts and for admins; should I mention them in the cookie policy, and how to find all information about them?

    8) Considering that my Wordpress website does not allow comments and posts, and that the users have not to login to visit it, which cookies should I list in my cookie policy of those set by Wordpress?
    They all are listed under "WordPress Users Cookie" and "WordPress Commenters Cookie" at https://www.cookielawinfo.com/wordp************************************

    Thanks in advance for your help.