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  • Customer audits - 17025 requirement?

    I have a quick question for the Customer Service Procedure. In your template, you have included a section on "customer requests to monitor laboratory performance". This is basically an audit option for clients to 'come and see for themselves'.

    In our case, there isn't really anything to see - it's all data.

    Are we required to provide this auditing option, or can we leave it out?

    There is also a sentence on demonstrating or explaning in conversation the preparation of items for testing. Again - very relevant if you are a blood sample lab but not for our field work. However, a requirement to explain in conversation how our methods are applied (in this case DFM) and data is treated seems both appropriate and relevant. But this is more to ensure customers understand what we do (how we derive at a result) - and because the methods are new.

    We may include something like that - but that's different from a client audit.