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Quality policy and quality objectives

Guest user Created:   Mar 21, 2018 Last commented:   Mar 21, 2018

Quality policy and quality objectives

"I want to know how to design Quality Policy and how to convert in measurable form. Need some examples”
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Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.


Step-by-step implementation for smaller companies.

Carlos Pereira da Cruz Mar 21, 2018


How does your organization wins its most desirable customers? What do they value the most? Are there relevant interested parties that help you win businesses? What do they value the most? The answers to these questions help you assess the strategic orientation of your organization.

When I work with the top management of an organization I follow this recipe:

Who we are and what is our business (for example, our business is not what we manufacture but the results that our customers get);
To whom do we work;
In what kind of challenges do we need to be the best;
And include the two commitments of the standard (continual improvement and meeting customer and regulatory requirements)

For example:

"Company name" is an industrial company specialized in comfort footwear.

We serve customers who need a supply of comfort footwear for professional uses.

In order to better serve our customers, we believe that we must seek to continuously improve:

Our ability to develop, to be able to respond quickly to requests for samples;
A language of product that differentiates us and supports the promise of comfort;
The ace card of being a manufacturer and being able to be faster and more flexible in production;
The fulfillment of our commitments.

Considering this example of quality policy, quality objectives can be:

Average time to finish a sample request;
Ratio of success of samples to target customers;
Ratio of complying with agreed delivery dates;
Ratio of complaints
Internal defects rate (number of defect per 1000 produced pairs)

Look how objectives allow you to monitor the promises made in the quality policy.

The following material will provide you information about quality policy and objectives:

- ISO 9001 – How to Write a Good Quality Policy - https://advisera.com/9001academy/blog/2014/03/25/write-good-quality-policy/
- How to Write Good Quality Objectives - https://advisera.com/9001academy/knowledgebase/how-to-write-good-quality-objectives/
- free online training ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course – https://training.advisera.com/course/iso-9001-foundations-course/
- book - Discover ISO 9001:2015 Through Practical Examples - https://advisera.com/books/discover-iso-9001-2015-through-practical-examples/
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Mar 21, 2018

Mar 21, 2018