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  • Data sharing

    As per GDPR, is it okay to share data within the company over email? Data captured is all with concent and legally obtained, but i would like to know if sharing that with a colleague over company email is data breach on its own?
    I am aware about the safety hazard, but keeping that aside, i would just like to know if i can share sensitive data on email with my colleague?

  • Incident Management Procedure

    1 - I really liked the document, I just have a question, is this document based on ISO/IEC 27000:2009? Is there any updated document according to ISO/IEC 27000:2013?

    2 - And also do you have a document which contains the list of incidents, event which can be considered as security incident?

  • List of points needed for making infrastructure GDPR compliment

    Is there a list of all the points you need to make it in infrastructure GDPR compliment?

  • GDPR Logo

    Please advice if there is any specific logo for GDPR

  • Question about data protection points in a contract

    I have a contract for a service and I would like to know if I really need to accept all the points in relation to personal information data protection.
    Is this something you can advise?
    Thanks :)

  • Administrative fines for lack of compliance with GDPR

    Hi, I have been reading articles 83 and 84 as I am interested in knowing more about administrative fines for lack of compliance with GDPR. If a company does not have a positive turnover, can it still be sanctioned?

  • Sub-Processors

    I need your advice regarding the below:
    Shall sub-processors used by data processor share their sub-processors and third party list with the data processor

  • GDPR - holding data

    I am writing to ask about a mobile app that I downloaded and without reading the privacy policy I accepted it. When I decided to delete my account I was told the company has a right to hold my data for 4 years after I decide to delete my account.

    I wanted to know if this in inline with GDPR laws in regards to right to be forgotten. If I can get some guidance, I can email the app developers and explain that I would like them to delete my data.

  • GDPR Processor (Software Sturtup)

    we are a software startup in israel, we are willing to enter into the EU but we heard we are data processors, so we do not really understand what we need, the information is a bit confused

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