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  • Budgeting the EU MDR implementation

    To start with one large hospital, MDR Dept only, 28 staff in processing, what should we budget?

  • Who needs ISO?

    In Canada, we hold the licence for a viral transport medium.  We are going to hire a 3rd party contractor to actually manufacture the medical device.  Who needs ISO?  Us? The 3rd party contractor? Or both?

  • List of internal and external documents

    If we have all documents saved in an electronic folder, do we have to have the List of Internal Documents?
    What are the external documents?

  • Relation ISO, MDR and CE

    For initial research I am wondering how CE marking, Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745, ISO 14971 and ISO 13485 are related to each other?

  • Rework procedure and Clinical evaluation for media mfg

    1. Is there a rework procedure in the tool kit?  I did not see it in there and I believe it is an ISO requirement for clause 8.3.4.  Thank you.
    2. I have a question about the clinical evaluation requirement.  What exactly is needed for media manufacturer class 1 medical device?

    In looking at the documents in the toolkit it I am not sure if it applies.

    3. Also when is a CE mark required?  How do I apply for a UDI # since we don’t currently have one?

  • Is ISO 13485 required by MDR?

    This document ( states that ISO 13485 is required by the MDR? I understand that a QMS is required but the MDR does not specify ISO 13485?

  • What is perceived as a risk from production control?

    What is perceived as a risk from production control? When risk causing incidences are forecasted as 1 in 1000 for Class IIa devices which are in market for several decdes, stretching into risk in production control is not understandable.

  • Is the Technical File still a requirement?

    Is the Technical File still a requirement? I do not see any mention to this in the updated ISO 13485

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 PMS

    Hi we are aiming at obtaining iso 13485 and 9001. Only one part of our complete product is MD1 ()medical device class 1.) so majority of product will fall under 9001 and minor part under 13485. However. When performing PMS/PSUR- do we need to perform it on the complete product or only on the part that is medical device?


  • ISO 13485 and cleaning process

    I need what ISO 13485 says about cleaning process.

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