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  • Interested parties

    Could you please explain in more details what are the interested parties, I have some issue to define whether it relates to the employee, third parties or customers.
  • Incident Handling Procedure and Business Continuity Plan

     An organization have Incident Handling Procedure and Business Continuity Plan Procedure. in the event that major system breakdown occur should the organization follow incident handling procedure work flow or Business Continuity Plan work flow. In what circumstances we can differentiate between incident or disaster. 
  • Difference between Incident and Disaster

    What is the difference between incident and disaster?
  • ISO 27001, Alcance de la implementacion

    Buenos días, Actualmente estoy adelantando la proceso de Certificación en la norma ISO 2700:2013 en mi empresa. Tengo una inquietud, Cuando hablo de la organización en la norma ISO, me refiero a esa parte de la empresa que tengo definida como alcance para certificar, pues si reviso definición de la palabra organización en la norma ISO27000, definen que es una parte de la empresa,  eso es correcto?.
  • Business Continuity Plan

    I really appreciate your help. Currently I am in process of doing Business Continuity Plan for my work place so if you can share me any info. it will really help me a lot.
  • SOA Template

    Is the SOA template filled with sample Control Objectives and Implementation Methods for each of the Annex A controls as if they were all applicable?
  • Relationship between Risk Treatment Plan and SOA

    I want to ask about implementation ISO/IEC 27001:2013. I don't understand about relationship between risk treatment plan and SOA. Can you explain to me? I need more knowledge.
  • Operating procedures for IT Management

    I read in your checklist of mandatory documents and you wrote A.12 Operating Procedures for IT Management. Is it only for IT or should Non-IT procedures be documented as well?
  • Context and interested parties

    Hi there, we are currently looking at the organisation context and interested parties. We are not sure if to document separately or all as part of the scope.
  • Get your managements approval

    What are the key points that one can address to help get the board to support BCM?