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  • Legal requirements related to 27001 in the UK

    Which are legal requirements related to 27001 in the UK?

  • Implementation of ISO 27001

    What will be expected of a marketing position in the implementation of ISO 27001? Are there any documents that need a marketing role's attention?

  • Obtaining ISO 27001 certification

    I bought the 27001 implememtation toolkit and I followed the webinar 27001 & GDPR today.

    If you are not perfectly compliance with gdpr can you obtain the certification 27001?

    Are you making a webinar also for thoses who purchased 27001 toolkit to know what is important during an audit of certification?

  • Scope of areas under ISO 27001

    1. Kindly send the scope of areas under ISO 27001. 

    2. Does it cover all areas under IS Audit

  • Table Top Exercise /Drill Validity in meeting ISMS Certification

    "Our organization has achieved ISO27001:2013 certification for few years back for a Data Center (DC). Recently, we have established a Security Monitoring Center (SMC) and we are exploring to have the SMC being certified with ISO 27001.

    We are considering to extend the existing DC ISMS Certification scope to the SMC or to have the SMC to gain a separate ISMS certification.

    Below are my doubts that requires your expert advice:
    a) Would it be fine to have the same ISMS team who take care of DC ISMS certification to manage the SMC ISMS Certification programme?

    b) Would it be fine to deploy the existing relevant DC ISMS SOPs to the SMC ISMS Certification? Meaning that we maintain a single set of SOPs but to be used for two separate ISMS Certification;DC and SMC respectively.

    c) What are the advantages and disadvantages to maintain a single ISMS Certification for both centers versus each center has its own ISMS certification?

  • Critique this Information Security Objectives

     I have set this as an information security objective, kindly critique it for improvement.

    To enhance CIA of information by reviewing information security risks and controls on quarterly basis.

  • Doing internal audits

    Who should do the internal audits?

  • ISO standard for Data Governance

    Kindly let me know if there us any ISO standard for Data Governance, I am specially looking for guidelines that need to be followed when sharing data with internal departments and external entities.

  • Information Asset Register

    How crucial is the creation and ongoing management of the Information Asset Register in obtaining ISO 27001 certification?

  • Project to implement ISO 27001

    ¿Cómo plantear y vender a nuestro cliente el proyecto para implementar ISO 27001?
    Estamos en la ***

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