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  • ISO 27001 certification question

    I have a question if the company is certified with iso 27001 does it mean that it's complying with all other regulations or board

  • Change in ISMS

    What i also need, is a template, how i can documentate a change in the ISMS, not in general change management.

  • ISO stand out

    I want to know what makes ISO 27001 stand out among the KSA cybersecurity regulation, what controls are not included in NCA ECC that makes ISO 27001 stands out

  • Third party requirement

    What a third-party requirement is when they work for an ISO 27001 company? Do they also need to be ISO 27001 certified?

  • Minimum requirements for A.17 controls

    Mi duda es como atender o cuales son lo mínimo a nivel de documentos, que debo tener desde seguridad de la información para atender los controles que corresponden a la A.17 en el ISO 27001:2013

  • Is SOC mandatory for ISO 27001?

    For ISO 27001 SOC is mandatory? I am referring Security Operation Centre

  • ISMS Scope Extension

    Hi All

    I have implemented ISMS in one dept. which is IT and got the ISO 27001 certificate for the IT dept. as scope. Now I need to extend the scope to other dept. like admin , Finance , Trading and other division of organization. How can I do that and what steps should I take so that the requirements from 4 to 10 are fulfilled and also I can select some controls in annex A. 

    I have a doubt that I can extend ISMS in other dept. , can anyone please guide me how to extend this scope?




  • Auditing suppliers - ISO 27001/Data Protection

    We are using Conformio and also have your Data Protection kit. One thing common to both is the need to audit suppliers. Our supply contracts will not justify in person audits or even lengthy on line audits. I have your internal audit booklet, have been through your internal audit course a coupe of times and carried out an internal audit for our company. However, our supply contracts will not justify in person audits or even lengthy on line audits (like our internal audit).

    Do you have any guidance/resource for carrying out a “lighter” audit e.g. checklists/questionnaires/guidance on what to look for? I can construct something but wondered if you had anything.

  • CCTV retention time

    what does ISO say about CCTV retention? and how long is it ideal to keep footages per ISO standards

  • Cloud security risk assessment methodology

    I have purchased ISO 27001 & ISO 27017 & ISO 27018 Cloud Documentation Toolkit English (with live expert support).

    I need expert help on how to use this documentation for cloud security risk assessment methodology and set of security controls to be used for security assessments during cloud adoption lifecycle in a customer environment. 

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