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  • Gap Analysis for ISO 27001:2022

    Hi There

    looking for a Gap Analysis worksheet / spreadsheet for ISO 27001:2022. Any ideas?

    Many thanks

  • Checklist for ISO 27001

    1. I have the ISO 27001 Internal Audit Toolkit English and am starting the internal audit. The checklist provided for ISO 27001 only has listed up to A.8.34. The Statement of Applicability has up to A.18.2.3. Could I have the checklist up to A.18.2.3, please?

    2. Also should the policies and procedure documents be specifically named individuals rather than Job title?

  • What asset to list when Risks relate to general or high-level assets?

    In the risk register/table, some risks relate to high-level or more general assets that I do not have in my asset register.

    For example:

    • User error >> most assets

    • Information interception >> most assets

    • Malicious action by employees >> almost everything

    • Unauthorized access to the information system >> all system and docs

    • Leakage/disclosure of information >> all docs and data

    • Unauthorized change of records >> all systems with records

    What should I write as an asset for these risks in the relevant tables (risks, risk treatment etc).

  • ISO 27001 2013 vs. 2022 revision

    A company is going for its first year ISO 27001 surveillance audit based on ISO 27001:2013. I have been appointed to perform its internal audit. Kindly advise if we should cater for the 2022 revision during my audit. If yes, in which section and how.

  • Impact column in Asset Inventory

    "In "09.07_Inventory_of_Assets_27001_EN.xlsx" there is a column (F) with Impact and there is a note saying "Copy from the Risk Assessment Table.". But, in the Risk Assessment Table, the Impact (which you call "Consequence") is for each Risk and not for the asset. Can you please clarify and explain if I am missing something?"

  • Documentation package content

    I'm not quite convinced of the new documentation package for 2022.
    In the package for ISO 27001 from 2017, the documents have been named consecutively based on the subdivisions.
    For example, under area A10, the document Guidelines for the use of encryption was created based on the controls A10.1.1, A10.1.2 and A18.1.5

    According to the new classification of the controls appendix A 2022, the controls 2017 for cryptography go to department 8 Technological Controls appendix A 2022

    In the control A8.24 over. However, your documents are not subdivided and subdivided according to the new ISO in the appendix, but are included

    Only the departments Security Measures, Training and Awareness, Internal Audit etc.

    Where can I find the documents on the other measure terms such as 5. Organizational Controls, 6. People Controls, 7. Physical Controls and 8. Technological Controls?

  • Question about SMCA

    Hello, I have a concern about the determination of activities, products and services. I would like to take a practical case of an organization whose sole activity is to operate and maintain the IT system of a bank. the Bank retains 3 critical processes that must never be interrupted: customer management, credit management, collection

    We want to do the SMCA (Système de Management de la Continuité d'Activité) for the Bank's computer system. What to remember in the products and services of the SSSI (Société de Services en Systèmes d'Informations)?
    i) Product: Computer System, Services: Management and maintenance of the Computer System, customer management, credit management, collection
    ii) Product: IT system, Services: customer management, credit management, collection
    iii) Product: Computer System, Services: Management and maintenance of the Computer System

  • Scope (locations and addresses)

    With regards to the scope, there is a section around location. Our client’s registered location is the CEO’s house address which we wouldn’t want to include as the location. All the users work remotely in different places. How do we deal with such a scenario? Is there a way to exclude location?

  • Register of Requirements

    Can you provide me with how to write contracts and regulations for contracts, and is it between IT management and other employees in the same company? 

    Another question,  for example, Microsoft a software company (license and terms of use) the contracts between the IT department 

    Another question,  for example, Microsoft a software company (license and terms of use) the contracts between the employment in compatibility? Please write an answer with details How to structure writing contracts with examples.

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